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TWI B-33 Dust Cover


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Is that an EVO3 with Zhukov stock?


That is correct.There are a few different adapters for the Zhukov stock as well as this one which replaces the folding mechanism, designed by a former magpul guy I believe. Now I just have to wait till they make more of them.


I’ve found the perfect alternative to using wallpaper. Going to have to order some of these this year I think…


Are most AKs nowadays produced in the States anyway or is it still only the AK47?


Seems like there are quite a few originating from outside of the US. Surprised every brand hasn’t been hit with sanctions by now.




Now can I find room for one of these:


Does your wife know you put it in the house? :laughing:


You see this all depends on the strategy. If you put it in the hallyway you are :skull: If you put in the bathroom you are :ghost:

You should check Zib out, they are based in Germany and have all kinds of cool 1:1 gear. They are known for having some amazing stuff.


Bathroom is fine? Never thought that :smile:

Will you mount sth?

How do you get this stuff through customs?


That’s the idea.

You have to see what is admissible, then find out what the retailer can actually export. For somethings certain countries might only be able to ship within the EU, but some countries within the EU may be able to export internationally, so you might one a dealer buying from another dealer, etc. If I recall correct they Zib has had some issues where some of the laws in Germany changed on certain items, so now they can’t even sell those items any more that they have stock of.


More on the way



Barrel and stock on top are from the PKP?


Correct. Waiting for one more piece to finish production then will be converting a PKM.