1:1 Replica Projects

IDZ stock and top rail, but mine is a 36K.

Will you convert it completely into an IdZ style G36 or only partially?

I am still wanting this in 1/6, but I guess it’s an older version.

Just partially since some of the parts aren’t available or using the real one would require swapping to another replica as the dimensions are a bit different. For now I actually like the look with the classic B&T rail for the G36 that I have now, like this below. One of the more normal looking ones for the G36. I like the HKey handguards but they are quite expensive. Perhaps a G36C in the future but for now still have a few more projects I’d like to work on.

More bits finally available and on the way for the PKP.

And some more for another project.


Cool as always, Adam. Do you have a reference picture or mockup of what the completed PKP will look like?

Should have one of them together quite soon, just waiting on the last few bits to clear customs.

Still a few more things to add and some slight fitting adjustments to make but this one is nearly done. Can’t decide whether to make as econd one a PKP or PKM. Bullpup needs a few bits as well. Now when can we get something like this in 1/6…

Wow, that looks awesome. You must’ve spent a pretty penny on that.

It adds up, especially when you have to chase down parts from all over.

This is another I hope will eventually make it to 1/6. For now I have to make do with 1:1 :laughing:

Seems like you have quite the arsenal. :smiley:

With the way things are going here politically it’s one of the few things we’ll be able to collect.

Yeah, I hear ya. I don’t even want to get into it. lol

Very slick! Will you be fitting it with an optic? Yeah, let’s hope DAM comes through on the sixth scale front. They could reuse some of the tooling from the standard PKP…right?

Yes just deciding what optic. The way Zenitco accessories mount to the PKP they should be relatively easy to replicate in 1/6. I’d have to take another look at the dust cover but the front rail and rear stock would be easy for them to add.

Time to start something new.

Now I need one in 1/6. :laughing:

Usually, it’s the other way round :smile:

I would prefer these two SIG MCX in 1/6 and 1:1 :smile:



When the eye sight starts to get worse you have to change the scale. :laughing:

Very nice Adam. You’ve got quite the arsenal now.