1:1 Replica Projects


That’s nice. Hope DAM will do that in the future. Their PKP went very well.


It would be a natural for a re-release of the PKP as the Zenitco parts are relatively easy to integrate. Would be a natural for another Russian figure from the Syrian conflict.


Maybe they’ll follow up on this one. Could be also associated with their teased AKS47 though with the GL.


More surplus goodies on the way.



More surplus finds.


Is that a PKM tripod Adam?

I know for sure that this is a PMK bipod…


Yes it is Dave. Have a line on one now, just need to wait for the rail and mount adapter for the rail.


Shame we haven’t seen this in 1/6 yet.


New toys.

20180724-11 20180724-8


Finally these are available.


Some parts to update an oldie.


New top rail for the G36C?


IDZ stock and top rail, but mine is a 36K.


Will you convert it completely into an IdZ style G36 or only partially?

I am still wanting this in 1/6, but I guess it’s an older version.


Just partially since some of the parts aren’t available or using the real one would require swapping to another replica as the dimensions are a bit different. For now I actually like the look with the classic B&T rail for the G36 that I have now, like this below. One of the more normal looking ones for the G36. I like the HKey handguards but they are quite expensive. Perhaps a G36C in the future but for now still have a few more projects I’d like to work on.