1/18 scale Humvee build plus other 1/18 vehicles


Last few months spent on 1/18 scale projects. Too many if honest, now at that “do not want to see any 1/18 scale stuff for a while” point. Back to 1/6 stuff.

Purchased vehicle from ebay, when arrived realised it had been customised (lengthened, scratch build seats & rear floor section - done nicely no complaints) so not sure which manufacturer made it. Gun turret shapeways purchase (nearly as much as actual vehicle to but gotta love Shapeways & 3D printing costs). Back packs & accessories found on vehicle are copies I made then painted up. Vehicle full respray, then added shading & weathering. Gun turret - shield made from plastic sheet them used a mould I purchased that has different rivets sizes (I do Warhammer 40K stuff so rivets & skulls useful things to have).

Start: Prep model for painting & Build turret

Finish: painted vehicle, painted accessories & added figures.

Another humvee, less work on this Elite Force humvee. Just shaded & weathered , then built rear holder to place accessories in. Used Costa wooden stirrer.

Decide to paint this World Peacekeepers vehicle to blend with others. Also added a 3.5mil to the front. Purchased from shapeways, it was a very very basic copy of 3.5mil , so I added handles, studs etc to add more realism.

Group shot, with a selection of customised figures.


Totally awesome!! Looks damn good, i am very impressed.

Wow, those really look amazing. Very impressive.

Absolutely amazing. That dune buggy especially is top-notch.

Thanks for comments.

I kept on putting off painting these, my 1st love is 1/6 scale stuff & I was oddly scared. Unsure if I could do a good job in 1/18 scale. Think I passed LOL. Really like how Humvee turned out, very SF North Afghanistan I had seen on the news.

Great work, really top notch, was curious as to where the figures came from? What brand?

Brand is Marauder Gun Runners - figures from their new special Ops range (i have customised them with decals for shirt pattern & painted tops to make them more unique - basic figures dam good to start with).

Company started out making 1/18 guns for GI Joe’s. People who run company have back ground in 1/18, sculpting/design etc. They got fed up with poor quality 1/18 stuff, so decided to do their own range.

Plenty of figures & accessories on their website (GI Joe stuff/Spec ops/WW2). Cool rumour from a year ago was next kickstart could be Vietnam theme, crossing fingers for that to happen.

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Thanks for the heads up. Modern and Vietnam are my areas of interest so lets hope.