1/18 scale kit bash

Hi all

Have to say 1/6 scale my favourite scale, it lends it self so well to replicating real world objects, (when done well). In saying that I also enjoy collecting 1:12 scale (SH Figuarts & Mezco produce some fantastic figures. Just got Mezco Punisher fig, fantastic…just fantastic).

1/18 scale holds a special place in my heart (and i imagine some of you as well). Its the star wars figure scale & Action force (uk) USA Gi-Joe.

Some people called Marauder Gun Runners are currently producing some fantastic scales 1/18 figures & accessories. Loved reading business history, all people involved are firstly fans of 1/18 figures, came together because no one really delivering a good 1/18 product, ie weapons in correct scale and figures.

I have taken some of their base PMC figures and made camo transfers. Applied transfers to bodies/helmet/webbing pouches. Transfers worked really well, modern transfer paper really nice and slim and fixed well against plastics. Parts that bend , knees elbows etc, I just painted on camo pattern - easy really finding correct colour match the hardest part.

Made some DIY slings, painted some heads & changed headset type. They do an over head headset. Unfortunately its so large u cannot fit a helmet over, so I cut off headset parts and fixed them onto helmet rails. Which is a popular real world look these - end of day worked out well I thought. Rifles mostly from shapeways seller who does really nice 1/18 HK rifles. Maruader do very nice rifles as well.

4 x figures UK special forces wearing mtb European camo.

Gurkha knife show they still get scale wrong sometimes, they have done the same with tactical axe, gutted.


1 x figure French army in arid camo & 1 x french in western Euro camo - both are works in process I am awaiting parts order


They do dogs as well

Basically I can replicate most special forces, simply take their basic figures/accessories and produce a scale down camo transfer.

They will soon be launching WW2 stuff. I put my name down on their WW2 kickstart last year so any day know expecting 70 to 80 WW2 figures to land (Brits/US/German & russian mix).

Finally scale picture, BIG brother.


Very impressive! I would love it if a manufacturer made figures like this. They’d go great with G.I. Joe figures. Sorry if this seems nitpicky, but on the “big brother’s” rifle, some of the attachments are on backwards.

Good pick up…it was a test for everyone…U past :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I noticed it in your previous post about the DEA figure.

This is what happens when you kitbash after midnight lol

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