1:6 feet peg adaptors


I’m looking to add a bit of height on one of my figures and wanted to ask if any of you are familiar with the following feet peg adaptors? Are they any good and can they be used on DAM’s 2nd generation bodies?

found them on ebay

Looking interesting. The Question is how big is the diameter of the round peg. So you could compare it to Dam ones. The fit must be tight if it will hold the pose of the body.

I have a set in black, work fine with DAM 78063 DEA SRT (Special Response Team) Agent El Paso, just tested (no idea if 2nd gen body, it was the nearest Damtoy figure to hand).

Internal diameter roughly 9mm.

Have used these with E&S and various 3rd party figures, have worked fine. Only neg really long adaptor can develop a slight “leaning tower of pisa”. Applying double sided sticky tape to peg helped tighten it up.

I bought them just as something useful to have in kit bag (not an expensive buy). Like you wanted to adjust height on figures.


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Thanks @BigD really appreciate the insight. I’ll give them a shot. :+1:

If they are too big, I would sand them down. If too small, I would use superglue gel type. Put some of the glue on the peg, let dry then insert. If you apply too much superglue gel, then sand it down.

You have much more control over the gel type then regular superglue. I do this on all my figures that have problems not fitting. Weapons too! Loose mag…put some gel on the inside of the mag well. Loose rail parts, put gel on the loose rail part, let dry and use a jeweler’s file to file down if it does not fit properly. Heck, I have done this over a 100 times…

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