1/6 figure magazines

Coming from a military modelling background I was always spoilt for choice with magazines and reference books that covered the subjects I was interested in

Are there any suitable magazines that cover the 1/6th military figure world, I’ve done a quick web search and nothing jumps out at me as being a regular publication

Nothing has really filled that space as a regular publication. The closest thing that comes to mind is a series of Japanese language books that were released years ago as well as this book by a Spanish author.


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Thanks Adam, it’s a shame there are no mainstream publications, especially for those new to the hobby

You would think with the wealth of scale military modelling magazines someone would take up the task of providing some coverage, but it really is a bit of a separate category and the magazine industry is having a really tough go of it today like all print business.

Getting publicity is half the battle for the military figures these days. By the time people new to the hobby find out about a particular figure it often has already disappeared off the shelves.