1/6 medical supplies

Hi guys.

Do you know where can I get some 1/6 scale medical supplies?

I need modern supplies like Sam Splints, CERLOX, bandages and stuff like thar.

@davinator65, can you help?

Wait figure Damtoys DMS009 PLA NAVY MARINE BODY figure. (You can buy in “loose”) The bag includes a fairly complete set of accessories … you just have to be a little patient.

This is a joke, right? PLA is Chinese isn’t it? Then why the hell do they have US medical stuff?!!!

Probably just reused the same things they had from this old release

OMG. I know that they made this, but hell…THEY ARE CHINESE! LOL!

Haha. Dave, I tagged you in this thread because I thought you might have some medical supplies lying around.

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These are Grade 1 翻版!

I know and thank you very much. I do have some medical supply left from elfbait.