1/6 scale Arredondo AR Magwell

Hi everybody.
I think some of you wanted and will like these.

1/6 scale Arredondo AR Magwell and 1/6 scale Arredondo AR Magwell Punisher
Magwell Punisher
Mark aka delusional


This is exactly what I need to finish my rifle. Does it fit Soldier Story M4 rifles?

Another fine addition to your collection mark. Nice work, mate!

Very cool addition to the market and nice done but for me too expensive. One Magwell for 21€ is a no go for me.

Just received mine. Not sure, if this is a production issue, but it’s 1mm too long to sit properly on a Soldier Story M4.
Also when checking google images, this one I ordered seems to be a bit out of scale.

The real thing looks more compact

I am sorry for you. If it would fit and have more Details it would be a cool addition. For that printed result it is a way to expensive. No small Details like the little holes or the logo on it. It looks too big on that rifle compared to the Original. Sorry and i am a big fan of Delusionals work but this is not a good deal.

Listen guys,
Please understand that I’m not offended by this review. I saw the interest from you guys, so I decided WTH I’ll try and make one. I worked really hard on this. It is not at all easy to design.
There are many limitations when designing for 3d printing. The one thing you cannot avoid is wall thickness. The only way I could get around the impossible restriction of 0.030" ( that’s 30 thousands of an inch or much less then 1 mm ) was to make it slightly oversized. The detail is there. The screw holes are on only on one side and it’s not the side pictured.
I considered putting the Arredondo logo on it, but there again it would have been hit or miss if it would print or not.
I must mention also that I do not charge any commission when I design something. I have no control over Shapeways pricing. I spent out of my own pocket close to $100.00 designing ordering and debugging this. It took me a couple of failures just to get it as good as it is. Trial and error is a large part of 3d printing. Keep in mind that I designed this and many items from photos.
This is something I do as a hobby and I love doing it.
Mark aka delusional

Hi @delusional, I didn’t post this to offend, it’s just my initial thoughts. None offered it before, so I am still glad someone made it.
As I don’t know about 3D restrictions/problems, I thought this might help to improve the product.

Also, I think it’s important to share reviews or similar.


Hi Mark,

first i want to say please keep going on with your great work. My words are not an offend on you or your great talent and work at all. It is just a neutral rating and opinion referring to the photos from chpo. I know 3D printing it is not an easy task. I have bought your GG&G forearm print and some small other parts and they are really good and fit well. I think it is important to show your products in a review so everyone can see what he gets and how is the quality. I can really understand that you put much effort, time and money in your work to create such parts and it is understandable that it is not funny to read negative critics then. But as a costumer or consumer i can only value what i get for my money. I personally would be disappointed if it would not fit the rifle looks or is overzized for this price. That’s all and i would not buy it. But now everybody can judge for himself because of this review and if it works for him or not.


Hi guys,
I took your review and decided to try another version. This one has the Arredondo logo and is scaled to 90%. I used a different material to make it much cheaper. I hope it fits and I hope you like it.

Mark aka delusional

Once, the product image is up on shapeways, I will give it look and probably also another try. Thanks!

@delusional Will you post a picture with the fit on a SS or ES rifle? Looks good so far.