1/6 scale cords

I have seen many 1/6 IRL reference photos that feature the use some sort of elastic cord that is likely meant to mimic 550 paracord to secure accessories to gear like radio ptt devices, knives, chemlights, or other such things. I want to know what size of cord I should seek out, so I can replicate this effect in 1/6 scale.

Paracord is like a thick shoelace, or the drawstring on a hooded sweater. I’ve managed to scrounge some decent lengths of elastic cord (suitable for 1/6th) from drawstrings on 1/6th jackets, as well as the internal construction of some bulky vests. Can’t remember where I found the rest but all the 1/6th “paracord” I’ve used has been stolen from other parts that don’t need it any more

Try here, I think 0.5 will work: