16th Air assault Brigade Part 2 E&S



Lets start with a few group shots…everyone say cheese

E&S figures group shots;

The helmet construction was interesting. Lucky the Mk7 UK forces helmet is made in 1/6 scale. Its found on those cheap 12inch toy figures, the parts are on aliexpress/ebay, only a few pounds. I then purchased multicam cloth in 1/6 scale from Spoonflowers. Cut out a circle and glued it to the helmet. Then attached my webbing & patch velcro & finally painted over the multicam to blend it in better with main uniform (more like strategic wash application). I then cover all my hard work up with micro mesh from Baby bell packaging (who new my love of small cheese treats would be useful?). Wove off cuts from Spoonflower sample, into mesh to create camouflage helmet effect. Note side and back on sample are plain white, so used my airbrush and applied “camo pattern” to these areas.

Rest of figures construction usual way mostly E&S FBI parts. Heads either from ebay/Tony Barton or mold copy - they are then painted by me. Patches made by me (need a much better printer to help carry over details into 1/6 scale - but gotta work with what I have).

Quick mention to Collectable Kitbash; ordered 1 x L129A1 & 1 x Puzzle Bomb set. received email unfortunately error in warehouse means the puzzle bomb kit I wanted they dont have. No problem for me happy with any kit (lens colour changes in each kit thats the only difference - NO biggy). Later same day another email = they don’t have the Rifle in OD green. Again I’m not that bothered as can paint any rifle OD green. CK apologises and offers a second rifle free of charge. That offer blew me away, i did not ask/demand anything. To Be honest I’ve had worse buying experiences and just sucked it up Lol So I though worth mentioning this little experience.



Holy crap that’s an awesome group. Amazing work BigD.


Wow! Some really good looking figures there. Nice work all around.