16th Air assault Brigade Part 3 Very Hot


Part 3…the end…thank cough

I had to do more work with very hot uniforms & kit. lets be honest not the best multicam/products on the market. Don’t get me wrong I do like Very Hot, I think they provide products at a reasonable price, just quality does pay a price. They also cover some interesting subjects, love their CIA large afghan coat uniform set. Plus I dont mind really splashing washes & paint over these…no way would I treat my Damtoys or E&S in the same way…could not afford to do that.

So, Very Hot US figures in multicam used on below figures. Think 3 sets mixed US airborne/Sniper/Ranger?. Very Hot multicam is very, very green and pattern I think is slightly too large. Both factors actually made it better for me in deciding to use VH as a base for MTP. Larger pattern is a part of MTP as it takes elements from old UK DPM pattern mixed with multicam. The very green - meant I could go mad with various brown & sepia washes.

yes we have a Gurkha (2nd Battallion Royal Gurkha Rifles 2 RGR). they are part of 16th AA and can wear the red beret. Note the badge - its a copy I made from Dragon figure - good result i though. Shame on me I have forgotten to purchase a Khukuri - its on my list to do.

Figure in final few photos (above): I applied a OD green wash over his uniform. I like the worn look it has given - camo pattern harder to see indicated many washes/high use. I may go over other figures with same heavy OD green wash.

Below figure another experiment using I think Dragon in Dreams US multi cam uniform & accessory sets. Uniform is very large, very baggy trousers. lucky I had a large ZY male figure too hand which fitted this uniform much better than other standard clone bodies I have (getting back into hobby IO have been buying up different clones/male bodies to see what is on the market today. I found a lack of African figures can easily be overcome by airbrushing any Caucasian body (this can be done for any ethnic group just mix up relevant skin tone paint).

Well that’s it for the 16th Airborne - hope you have enjoyed the pictures. I Really hope Green wolf Gear or E&S see these posts and think “we can do better than that” and produce a 16th airborne figure with REAL MTP ( I can dream).

i am going to find a nice dark room now and not do any major kitbashing for a while. probably get back into warhammer 40K painting & get some extra cash coming in. Not saying goodbye to kit bashing…hell no…I’ve plenty of ideas. just need a rest/change.



very cool work ive also been out of the hobby for awhile and going nuts with buying new gear and hunting down gear that ive missed while gone lol
40k is also a hobby i have not indulged in for a long time either been playing since the rouge trader days but thats a hobby that went crazy on prices as well

Yep, more good stuff. I also am a fan of W40K. The only thing I own however is a Baneblade.

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