24th STS gear and gats help

Hey guys, I’m thinking of making my current CAG bash(modern era) in a TACP or CCT from 24th STS, I really want to use the LV-119 plate carrier from E&S and this carrier would be perfect for a combat controller with miles of wires to route. Seeing as 24th STS operators are embedded with CAG and DEVGRU I would like to make this 24th STS operator to be of the CAG variety. That being said would a 24th STS operator be using a Glock as a sidearm and an HK416a5 as his primary? In addition to firearms would a this particular Ops core helmet be appropriate? This helmet came with the SMU part XI quick reaction force if you’re familiar. Thanks guys.

The helmet, Glock, and probably plate carrier would be appropriate, but as far as I know, neither CAG nor the 24th STS use the A5. They seem to just be using the regular D variant. There’s also a lot of speculation on them fielding some sort of replacement, but there haven’t been any reputable sightings or pictures that would point one way or another. So take that as you will.

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Cool thanks man I know my weapons to a degree I just assumed they used the A5, thanks for the clarification.

As wesker said, glock and carrier is fine for a 24th bash. But the helmet should be different. 24th tend to use opscore maritimes with wilcox dovetail mounts (G66, G24 etc.), whilst that helmet has a ball detent mount (wilcox GSGM). As for guns the 416D is a good choice, or you can go for one of the E&S LVAW sets, since the lvaw has also been seen in use with 24th

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Thanks for the insight man what about the actual mounting bracket itself?