24th STS Gear

As these guys are seen attached to CAG or DEVGRU we some overlap in the gear used. Here are some interesting items identified as being from 24th STS operators:



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They’re an Air Force tier one unit right?

Yes, Airforce’s representation in JSOC hence the overlap in some of the gear used.

I see a few HK45s, meaning that they’re likely still in use by DEVGRU. I wonder what kind of holster they use for it?

LBT-0372N (Also “P” version for laser/light) is what the Navy guys were using for the CTs.

The lower with the sig upper is so wrong, it’s like taking a Ferrari and putting a ford gt500 motor in it lol

That Ruger is bonkers - any idea what it’s for, shooting guard dogs? It must have a very niche use

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Nice pics Adam, some nice gear used for sure.

Probably noise sensitive stuff along those lines. Navy used older models previously.

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What exactly does the 24th STS do? Are they just attached jtacs that are trained more to keep up with Devgru and Cag?

I’ve considered those, but I don’t think that those are currently in use. I know that in at least one of the photos, the pistol was in some sort of kydex holster, and even seemed to have an RDS mounted on top. I imagine that DEVGRU carry theirs in similar, more modern holsters. I already managed to snag the last two 6354DO holsters from the DAM NSWDG figure that I need, so I’ll use those 6 for my DEVGRU bashes. I chose them because neither the 3072 that you mentioned or any of the available kydex holsters that I could locate are able to accommodate pistols with both a light and RDS, which is how I plan to configure all of the pistols for both my DEVGRU and CAG figures.

Going back to the HK45s, the ones made by E&S (of which I have two and plan to get another) have a rather curious design. While the grip is of the CT variant, the length of both the slide, barrel, frame are more along the the lines of the regularly sized variants. While it is possible to correct this discrepancy by sanding down the pistol to shape, it means that I might have to find some larger magazines to replace the ones that come with the pistols, which have a rather anemic capacity of 8. I could just live with them, or I can get some 3D printed versions of the mags with the “elephant’ foot” extensions on shapeways.

Some really nice and interesting stuff we see here!

The ES is not a HK 45 Compact Tactical. By looking of their mold it appears they based it on the early HK45 that was submitted for the SOCOM Compact Pistol System contract. Those shared the same grip design at that stage. They used this first on the Range Day Shooter accessory set and presumably just carried that over to their first HALO figure rather than redoing tooling. 45 and 45 compact that were submitted for that contract below.

Airforce support component roles, ie PJ, CCT, etc.

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A friend has one of these. He told me it was for a cat that pissed in his rock garden.
The .22 and 9mm suppressed pistols in Vietnam were called “Hush Puppies”, tho they likely were used on bipeds as well.

I’m not an advocate for shooting cats, that’s one of those things where friends’ philosophies can diverge.


Some of these are 24th STS, others may be other AFSOC units as the tagging of these often overlaps.



Nice pics Adam, thanks for sharing.

Is this one that’s on a converted ar lower? The surg upper I believe?

Are units only getting a few ngals? I see in a few pics that one or two rifles have the ngal and others still have peqs

That is the SURG upper kit to refit the rifles. As for the NGALs, the SOCOM contract is a multi year contract so I imagine they’ll role out in stages or used where they feel appropriate.