25th Infantry Division, Vietnam

I picked up an Ace Workshop 25th Infantryman, Vietnam this week that somebody had already put together

Unfortunately the uniform had been heavily drybrushed with light green paint and had black washes over it as well. The headsculpt had photoetched glasses fitted which looked good but there were no lenses attached

I stripped the figure down and scrubbed the uniform as best I could to remove the worst of the paint before refitting it and then adding my own weathering in the shape of dark red pastels to show the mud of South Vietnam

I touched up the paint on the headsculpt and added plastic lenses to the glasses. He has a nice hispanic look and the glasses add a little difference

The equipment and webbing were added and also given a dusting of pastels

The first couple of pics show the black and green painted uniform before work started

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This is a great retooling of this figure. Its nice to see more Vietnam stuff on here. I like modern kits but Vietnam has always been a favorite. I am in the process of working on a figure or two.

I like the re-weathering you did. The head repaint makes the head look a million times better. I skipped most of the non Special Operations figures. I wish I had though. I missed most of the really cool Spec Ops ones as well.

Looks good overall. Thanks for posting.

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Thanks for the comments :+1:

I thought I’d come too late to the party for a lot of the Ace figures but after spending a bit of time on the internet there are a few figures still out there

I’m tempted to put this figure on a base to finish it off nicely

I finished the figure off with a display base, name plate and small amount of groundwork

Very nice job macuk, very professional.

Very well done on the clean up/ weather up work, Mac. A good looking grunt.

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