2eme REP Operation Serval, Mali ca2013 (wip)

I’m putting a team of these together but couldn’t wait for parts on the other 3 to come before showing you haha. This one still needs finishing (got some op. Serval patches incoming and need to seriously tidy the legionnaire scroll) plus weathering. The helmet is BBI Bruno Spectre helmet with a custom paint job

This is a French Foreign Legionnaire 2eme REP on Operation Serval ca 2013. These guys parachuted in to Mali during this operation which became Operation Barkhane in 2014. This is the hunt for ISIS in Africa.

Anyhow here is one of 4-5. He wears the M52 Ranger boot still due to the parachute jump (unsure if this is real reason but have for multiple references wearing these over desert boots)

Hope you like. Diorama will also change. Will be doing another 4-5 legionnaires from more current years after this project.


Nice work! Definitely a topic that deserves more attention. If you have them, I’d recommend switching out the boots for Lowa Zephyrs or Elite Deserts.

Thanks - however I am going on photos I have as reference pics of them over there. I initially had those boots on, but I have several with these which is why I am using them.

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An excellent bash indeed, and as Canuck mentioned, a topic that definitely deserves more attention from the hobby. Two thumbs up!

Good use of the pants and the nicest FAMAS on the market from BBI. Looking forward to your whole display.

thanks guys…will post again when they’re finished and weathered etc.

Also will post my Indochina and Algeria ones, they’re nothing special but I like them

Also have a very modern project on the go for French Foreign Legion - where Lowa zephyr boots etc in use as well as some 1990s

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The French combat shirt that E&S released, fills a need that’s been there for a while now. I’m glad to see you put it to good use here, Chris.

haha thanks. Yes I am currently waiting for more too and trying to find more of the daguet pants. Think I might need to buy several box sets of the SS085 figure to get the multiples of parts I need

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