3D printed AAC MG-SD suppressor for MK46s


Hey all. So I missed out on buying SS083 and for some reason missed out on buying ES 26021GS. It took me this long to get off my ass to start working on making my own suppressor. There were some details I decided not to add in as I cannot be certain if the 3d printer could handle it.

With the help of a friend, my MK46s are finally suppressed. I have no idea how this attaches to the muzzle break or flash hider in real life, so I made the tube hollow as I have no idea how far it is supposed to go into the 1/6 weapon. And as a noob, I just realised that I could not just drill out the ends of DAM and EnS suppressors to fit onto any Hk416. So next step will be to make parts of a barrels, flash hiders in the correct size to add on to SS HK416s that I have broken.



Nice one. The ES 26021GS MK46 is one of my faves with the suppressor.

Here are some references for the real.