3D printing artist

Hi to all of you,

could someone please refer me to a person who is doing commissioned 3D parts in 1/6? I need this flared magwell now. Much appreciated!

You might want to try to get a hold of Delusional. He used to be on OSW (his Shapeway store is here). You’ll probably recognize some of his work from GA releases.

Perfect, I remembered his name, but didn’t know how to reach out for him anymore, also due to OSW-log-in-problems. His site seems to be down though. Any other contact maybe?

Yeah it looks like Shapeways is having some issues with their CDN sever. You can try checking with Sam.

Alright, thanks, hope he can help me out!


i can highly recommend “Delusional” aka Mark Bodenheimer and Uramegak from onesixthwarriors Also General Sam works together with Delusional. Great guys. If you need or want something in 3D for your 1/6 weapons. Like AdamC said you can directly order from shapeways. Uramegak is LHS at shapeways.

The printed 3D stuff is fantastic.

Here you can see how good his stuff is: https://www.onesixthwarriors.com/forum/sixth-scale-action-figure-news-reviews-and-discussion-/849172-delusional-x-general-sam-3d-printed-acr-e-handguard-coming-soon.html

Thanks, just contacted them yesterday and got further details about how to proceed, however I am worried about the costs involved now. I don’t even have a scanned 3D model to provide. I thought about buying this part in 1/1, get it scanned in a store in my hometown and let them scale it down to 1/6.


Perhaps there are some more people here or at onesixthwarriors which need this part and you could devide the costs. I just bought his products from the store and they are worth the money but these are ready to print. The main Problem ist the 3D Model. This will cost time to create and also money because he will need test prints before it is ready for sale. If you have the 3D scan you will also need modifications. It is about the thickness of the part and too little Details will not work . You have not a pefect smooth surface after printing. If the “walls” of the part a too small it will easily brake. The material is a little bit like Resin. So it is a little bit of try and error until you have a useful 3D file ready to print.

I see. I am not familiar with the 3D printing procedure, but this makes totally sense now, considering my cheapest quote for the magwell was around USD 400. I might look for other ways now to get this done.
Thanks for your help!

what´s about some epoxy clay like magic sculpt? It is very fine and you can get great results. Also you can smooth it with water until it gets hard. You will need some practice for sure but it is possible and much cheaper the to buy the 1:1 part and make an 3D file. You could also use plastic sheet as basis and shape it with a file. With the putty you could make the details.

@turkeyshot modeled his magwell for the CASV VLTOR rifle this way, but you need a lot of skill, I guess. I am contatcing several shops now to get an idea of what to expect from a 3D model.
This clay thing might be my last resort, unless a brand is coming up with sth factory made in the meantime.
Are you familiar with this material and sculptering in general?

I have a little experience with magic sculpt and green stuff from my 1/35 scale modeling days. It is amazing what some really talented people can do with it. I have not such great skills and used it mainly for little conversions. This part sculpted in 1/6 scale would be not an easy task and the shape is difficult too. Many people are using plastic sheet. A really great master for conversions with plastic sheet or complete new parts is “Pang” aka Xenomorph from bbicn. Here you can see some of his conversion work:http://bbs.bbicn.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=339999&highlight=Hk416a5

The best solution would be delusional or a 3D designer but you need the measurements. Also it could be that this part would not fit on every M4 or other rifle from different manufactures like soldier story, Dam, E&S etc. I had ordered from shapeways via delusionals shop the conversion part of the eglm grenade launcher to fit the MK17. It fit not with E&S ones. Just with soldier story. So this is also important if you would make such a part in 1/6 scale.

Awesome, he even made the G28. Still waiting for that rifle to be made!

:+1::+1::+1::grin: - you can read my thoughts

BTW: I have the E&S HK416 A5 and it is awsome. Great color and itlooks fantastic. You can completely disassemble the rifle. Also the handguard and barrel can be removed.

The golden one from the French SF with the Jean Reno headsculpt? It’s an awesome piece. Like the detail with the integrated flip up front iron sight.

However, I prefer the 417 with the camo paint

Yes, this one from the French Special Forces Figure. It is the first and only HK416A5 at the moment avaiable. I had wait sooo long for this one to released in 1/6 :-). The HK417 is nice too but i had not seen it as loose part at a good price.