4D Puzzle Model of the M4/M16 with the M203


Now from watching this, I thought the guy or gal misplaced the carrying handle, but I was wrong. IT SHOWS THAT ON THE BOX AND IN THE INSTRUCTIONS! LOL!


Small nice editing, and very sturdy, seen as the guy pressed on it … yeah very strange the position of the handle …


It makes me sad knowing that the handle is backwards. I can get over the odd placement as I could have sworn I have seen a rifle with the carry handle on the rail. I wasn’t sure why but everybody has a reason. It just kills me seeing it backwards.


I’ve seen an image of the detachable carry handle, situated on a forward rail of an M16A4. My notion was that it could be attached to the receiver top, in the event that whatever in place optic or sight was damaged/knocked off.


Ok so I wasn’t dreaming that up. That does make sense why you would do that. I would just assume the weight is why you wouldn’t want to but I am no expert so I won’t say that its a bad idea. Never hurts to be over prepared.


4D has a habit of placing accessories in interesting positions.


The good thing is, the carrying handle in’t too heavy, being another alloy piece.


LOL!!! Classic! LOL!!! Now we know that no staff member on the team ever served in the military or have knowledge about rifles.


This shows how it is suppose to be attached…Not backward as in the 4D.