A couple of modernised AK47s

Hi All,

I am here again with a couple more projects to show off which I have intermittently been working on for the last year or so, but just never got around to finishing until recently. This time, I want to share a couple of modernised AK47s with polymer furniture.


Both started out as VTS AKs and have received quite a few modifications since. The AKM on the left was initially the AKS74 which came with the Darkzone Renegade figure (VTS-VM018). I switched out the folding triangle stock for a full polymer stock, and added a range of accessories to complete the look.

The AK47 on the right has received even more work. This was originally the AK74 which came with the E&S Spetsnaz FBS Alpha Group figure (78015). I removed the stock (for use in another project) and replaced it with an ACE skeleton stock (originally from an old GI Joe Weapon Tech LR-300 set). This then received a paracord wrap for added interest. The handguard - originally black - was painted khaki, and like her sister, a variety of accessories were strapped on to round out the look.

Original AKM from VTS-VM018

Original AK47 from 78015

As always, your thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcomed.


They both look amazing. These “high speed” AKs are such an interesting subject - they’re obviously based around a very old and proven design, but have some of the latest and greatest kit on them.

Did you find any problems with the VTS rifle’s barrel? Mine was bent upwards to a ridiculous extent.


I have quite a few different VTS/E&S AKs in various different configurations. I have never noticed any issues with any of the barrels. Maybe I have been lucky … or you have been unlucky.


DAM AK design has the barrel peg into the receiver in two places. Haven’t seen many warped barels but occasionally the barrel isn’t fully seated or is glued in sloppily. I’ve had to reseat them a few times. The latest SuperMCTOYS one from their female Russian figures on the other hand has had quite a few reports of bent barrels.

Here is an image from @scrib when he modified one of his.

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I can second that.

Was the case with an RPK-74 of mine. Barrel was straight but not properly inserted and glued.

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