A few more Russian bashes

Just a few preliminary shots of some Russian bashes I’ve been working on. Apologies for the glacial pace of my work, but parts for older Russian figures are quite rare, so it is what it is. More/better photos coming soon, along with more bashes.
This guy is my take on one of the OMON militsya groups which were marshaled into service as adhoc light infantry units during both Chechen wars. This specific soldier is from the early stages of the second war.
Body, cigarette, and AKMS are Dam, vest is BBI, boots and radio are KGB Hobby, hat, gloves, and mag pouch are DiD, no idea about the balaclava. Also threw in a 21st Century Toys canteen and med kit as a reminder of the bad old days. Finally, the KKO woodland pattern winter BDU set was custom produced by a friend.


And a second. This is my take on a Russian grunt, representing the 201st Motor Rifle Division, from the mid-1990s during the Tajikistani Civil War. I’m working on a whole series from this conflict, including Russians, Tajik pro communist forces, as well as nationalist and Islamist fighters from the United Tajik Opposition or UTO. This guy probably dates to about 1995 given his loadout.

The body and wristwatch are DiD, the boots are KGB Hobby, the 6b5 body armor and AKS-74 are Ujindou, the combat knife is Armory, satchel and supplemental mag pouch are Dam, and the SSh-68 helmet is from the outstanding Troitskaya Customs. The Dubok/VSR/TSV-93 BDU is custom from the same friend who produced the above KKO set.


Nice work! I love the little details, like the patches and smoke, and the historical background as well.

Wow…really great bashes there. Old 21C uniforms?

The cut definitely is modeled on the old 21c designs, but the camo patterns are unique. Daewonton from the OSW days has made me a few of these sweet camo sets over the years.

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Thanks man, trying to churn out a couple of these every year, but it’s awfully slow going lately.

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Yeah, Daewonton was the man to go to for these uniforms. I remember Tom in Korea had some of his things. Really cool…

The custom uniforms look amazing

Nice bash, thanks for sharing.

Really interesting subject, like love them both. Definitely not the usual.

Nice little ring on that second figure. Cool details dude.