A few Russian bashes

Here are a few Russians I’ve put together and never showed off before. I’ve Got a lot more in the works, in varying stages of completion. The first is an FSB operator from the elite UCO “S” or Cyrillic “C” or “Smerch” directorate, tasked with tactical response to organized crime and smuggling. The second is a generic FSB regional ROSN operator that I tried to give a mid-2000’s era kit and appearance to. The last is a north Caucasus district MVD OMSN operator, also from the mid ‘ots. They’re mostly nothing fancy, but I figure no time like the present to finally show them off. Let me know if anybody wants any more detailed shots, as I am by no means a photographer.


very nice bashes. Got into modern Russian stuff lately. Fascinating reading about uniforms, especially special forces as they seem to have access to any camo pattern they want (either buy foreign camo or replicate stuff). Great for us as opens up too so many possible kit bashes.

Thanks a lot. The possibilities seem almost endless. Ever check out camopedia? The Russian police/federal security forces/military/Ukrainian theatre militias basically have a derivative of every camo pattern in some sort of service.

Nice work on all the bashes. I like em.

Excellent bashes indeed. Wish my Russian/Ukrainians would look this good.

I agree with everyone here. Very good looking bashes!

Thanks a lot guys, I’ll show some more soon

Another one, found on the shelf from a few years ago. This was my attempt to make an OSN Vityaz paramilitary from the first battle of Groznyy from the first Chechen War. He’s not quite as ragged as I would like him to look, but I’m pleased with the end result,


Wow, that looks superb. Love the sphera (SP?) helmet. This one is top notch.


Thanks, I really prefer making these older “modern” Russian bashes compared to a lot of my new figures that are increasingly indistinguishable from contemporary western units. The loss of KGB Hobby has, unfortunately, made the resources for ‘90s era Russians very scarce on the open market.

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Amen to that!!! I kept telling everyone that modern forces now all look the same! Meaning that they all wear similar BDU and helmets! Thank God you kept it to old school! Hehehe…

Couldn’t agree more. I prefer Russian figures that look Russian as opposed to just any other soldier in Multicam.

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