A few WIP Russian SF bashes


I thought I would add a few photos to the kitbashing section of this increasingly cool site, so here goes. None of these are finished yet, but first is an FSB TsSN “V” Vympel CT operator. The second figure is a Russian KSO special forces operator in Syria. These are both still in the early stages of completion and are just teasers, so there shall be more photos to follow,


Good stuff, these “westernized” Russian operators are growing on me. Kind of like the change in Dodge trucks, some years ago.


Looking good to me. Nice job so far.


A few more update shots,



Yep, it’a a nice lookin bash. Think he needs a backpack or somethin though to make it look complete.


I’m currently hunting around for the Cal-Tek ATACS backpack from a few years back, given the popularity of that camo pattern within the Russian Spetsnaz community.


Ah ok, well hope you can find it then.


This one?



That’s the one, is that pic from sixth supply on eBay?


Unfortunately I’m out of those. It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything from that figure but I’m pretty sure the factory is still sitting on a sizeable quantity that Caltek bailed on when they ran away from the industry.


Is this what you are looking For?



That’s the one. Maybe he bought it already, I sent him the same link some time ago.

Strange these are still available though. You might think this unique piece might be gone already, especially considering CalTek went out of business.


I had to buy one myself, as it looked to good to pass by.
And i have just had the backpack delivered to me, and i am amazed at the level of detail on it.
It is well made, and all of the zips i have checked work.


It really is a nice piece. The Caltek stuff was made by Soldier Story’s OEM so generally most piece were pretty well done. I like the A-TACS material they came up with, just wish it had been done in a Crye G3 style uniform.


I managed to pick up one of those Crye style arid ATACS uniforms from the Easy&Simple French SF figure and it is very nice. I would still say that the Cal-Tek fabric is of superior quality though.


A few more update pics. I actually just had an accurate SSO patch printed up at onesixthscaleking and will be adding that soon. Wound up using the Multicam backpack from SuperMC Toys PMC figure in the end.


Looks so much better with the pack.


An early 2000’s Russian Peacekeeper I’m working on:


Looks accurate to me. Nice bash.


A few more WIPs, this one being the “Senezh” unit of the Russian Special Operations Forces (CCO) operating in Syria. Still working on a few loose ends, and will show weapon shots shortly: