A few WIP Russian SF bashes


Looks great. I think I am into Russians too. They’re always having so diverse gear and clothing which gives you kind of unlimited options to bash.
Looks like you’re using the PMSC Syria AK mags. I can spot some Alpha Group gear from several figures / brands, SS KSK bladder and some US units clothes and helmet? Helmet cover should be the DAM 78047. Shoes look familiar. I think some DAM Russian.
Shoulder patches self-made?


Real slick. Like it a lot.


Really nice job, you’ve nailed the hodge-podge camo look that’s common among Russian SOF. Also the unusual sidearm placement and use of TACOs is nice.


Thanks a lot for the compliments you guys!


There’s a lot of diversity in this figure. Body and HS are Ace I believe, the plate carrier is the ASPIS Simplex vest from the recent Dam FSB Alpha figure, to which I added the Crye pelvic armour from the KSK Assaulter Dam figure, as well as neck armour from the Crazy Dummy SAW gunner. Pouches are a mix of SuperMC Toys, Crazy Dummy, Minitimes, Dam, DiD, and Soldier Story gear. The uniform is American I think, although I purchased it from the recent E&S French RPIMA A-TACS release. The Helmet cover is from the Dam FSB “luxury” release you mentioned, and the helmet is my crude attempt to portray an LShZ-1 or ZSH-09 by using the PAP Snow leopard QGF-11 as a stand-in.
The patches are semi-custom, as I had them designed and printed from www.onesixthscaleking.com, and then attached them with micro-Velcro strips.