a little leather work


trying to do a custom holster and magazine carrier for one of my WIPs its a little rough but i like the progress so far


Wow, I think that looks great so far. Nice work wardog.


Agreed, well done. The first steps are often the hardest, especially just making the effort.
A few years ago, one of the onesixers from my area bought a hand tool from Tandy Leather. It had a shallow rowel, which simulated stitching, on thin leather. I just mention that, in case you want to do a rig with that feature.


@Murakami thanks for the info ill check into that i worked for a local saddle and tack maker for a year and have been wanting to do some 1/6th leather work for awhile now
@Suicide_Commando thanks ive added a knife sheath now and liked the way it turned out
ill get pics up soon