A little teaser of my latest project

Some of you might remember the small diorama that I built a couple of years ago while stuck in lockdown (see original thread HERE). I had built this not only to help alleviate boredom but also to serve as a backdrop when photographing some of my custom weapon builds. Alas, I had to abandon it overseas late last year in my most recent international relocation. I just didn’t have enough space in my luggage to bring it home with me. The upshot of this is that I was then forced to build a new one.

This is still a work-in-progress, but is coming along quite nicely. I will share some more pics and a build log later, but for now will leave you with a little teaser pic.

As always, your thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcomed.


Awesome! Love the M26 MASS.

Takes me back to the BBI 10th SF Gunslinger days.


The brick wall looks real, can’t wait to see the rest.

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Very cool - the wall makes it look really real! :+1:t3:

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Cool conversion. I have this M26 set from H&G. There you have little metal scews to connect it to the M4 barrel.



Great piece, only annoyance is that you can’t move the charging handle on that M26

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Thanks fellas! The real project here is the wall, but I couldn’t help but to show off the M26 MASS as well. Col. Braddock has it right - this is a rare set made by H&G. I picked this up some time ago and never got around to strapping her onto a rifle. While there is limited functionality on this piece, it is a huge improvement over the versions made by BBI and HT back in the day. To date this remains the best M26 MASS in scale.

I will share more pics of the wall once I get around to finishing it off.

I’ll be happy to share a build-log of this if there is any appetite for it. Let me know.

Is H&G a new brand? I’ve never seen a standalone brand for the M26.

They are quite old already, probably around 15yrs. Famous for making metal and wood weapons with good detail for ultra expensive prices. Very rare too.


The wall looks great. Beautiful as background and very good and realisitc weathering.

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Thanks Col.Braddock!

Awesome. I have never even heard of this brand. Which is odd because I’ve seen some rare brands over the last 25 years.

Thanks Turkeyshot, now I need to find one of these haha.

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