ACE French Foreign Legion

100% hand-made realistic weathering
Head Sculpt
Man Mk 1 Body
Bare hands
Beret w/ badge
F-2 Spectra helmet
F-2 Jacket (French DesertCamouflage)
F-2 Trousers (French DesertCamouflage)
Trouser belt
Khaki t-shirt
M1952 ranger boots
1601 Jungle battlevest
First-aidkit pouch
FR-F2 Sniper rifle w/ sling
J8 scope

How’d I miss this post? When they came out, I didn’t know they’d be so limited. I grabbed one, as well as a spare rifle, and helmet. I only wish I’d bought more.

As I’m adding quite a bit of content (up to 255 releases now) to this section I have the archives section set to not bump topics on the main page, otherwise it would drown out other topics.

Ace products tend not to get stocked as deeply as other brands but this one especially so. These days especially the smaller brands tend to disappear quite fast, even overseas. Going through so many of these older releases I recognized so many I put off picking up.