ACE Playgirl Series – U.S. Vietnam War Play Company

Product Details:
Head sculpt (Long-length curly blonde hair, pony-tail style)
Female body
Bare hands
M1 helmet
Mitchell pattern helmet cover
Half-sleeve knot tie crop blouses
OG 107 pants (2nd pattern)
Montagnard trouser weave belt
US Spike Protective Jungle Boots 3rd pattern DMS Spike Sole
M1956 suspenders
M1956 individual equipment belt (Female length)
M1956 20 rd ammo pouches x 2
M1956 compass pouches x 2
Jungle first aid pouch
1 quart canteens x 2
M1956 1 quart canteen covers x 2
MX-991/U flashlight (Pink)
M16 A1 rifle w/ three prong flash hider
20rd magazines x 8 + 1pcs
Rifle sling
M3 Bayonet w/ sheath
M18 smoke grenade red
M18 smoke grenade violet
M67 grenades x 2
GI watch
Necklace w/ peace symbol sign

Ugh, now Ace too. How i miss the old days of their modern figures.

ACE steps unafraid, into the military whacking material biz…

It does appear that Fonzie has cleared the shark with this one.

Wondering if this is a reaction to slower sales of recent nam figures. If they had addressed the issues with the bodies (I threw out well over 95%) and stopped reusing so many parts sales would have been better. Their core customer base has been asking for any number of other options so this is a puzzling move. There seems to be this tendency for brands to try to copy on other trends to gin up sales rather than actually listening to their customers.

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For some reason, I woke up in Reasonable Mode today, and a lemonade outta lemons thought cropped up. Give the webgear, M16, and steel pot to a Nam figure (maybe the boots, too).
High-top Cons (red?) on her feet, and a t shirt, add a bandana to her head. Round shades.
Now you got a 60s-70s wild child.
The problem with this plan?
The price. You hafta know ACE will ask way too much for this outer rim concept figure.

…and NO, I did not forget the pink flashlight. Give that to Barbie.

The pink flashlight was a real Army issue item for certain troops in Vietnam. It had a “non-sparkling” bulb and was used by mechanics and other GI’s who needed light in a scenario where exposure to flammable gases or fumes was expected (

There is a second female Vietnam figure, brunette grenadier.

Both figures have stern faces that IMHO are helpful in using them for military bashes. I got the pants and boots from this one and right now I’m bashing a war correspondent figure from that era; can’t remember her name though.