Air Force CCT

I will trying to do a USAF CCT similar to the picture. It looks like there are 3 antennas for the radios in back. Can anyone give information on this and how they might be hooked up. I found the image on the internet and cannot find it again. If it is wrong to post, please delete.

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I think it’s two things - a) 1x standard MBITR antenna, and b) 1x long whip-type antenna, folded over several times. The first - used for inter-team comms - will be linked to one radio, and the second - for comms with air support, probably - will be linked to the other. Radios look like PRC-152s, and I can’t make out the PTT switches. Easy & Simple, PH, DAM, SS have all made these components. The radios just connect to the ends of the antennae via longer cables, as far as I’m aware - see the TCI MAST components in the pictures below.

a) shorter range comms (inter-team?)


b) longer range comms