Alaska Air National Guard 212th Rescue Squadon Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska, Oct 13, 2021

Interesting set that popped up on DVIDS recently. 10.3"URGI setups, note the OSS EL-QD suppressor which has been seen in other AFSOC references.


Thanks for sharing. I like seeing all the Plateframes and other gucci plate carriers too! They’re looking very European


The skeleton sand coloured transport in background (sorry dont know name).

Would love someone to come along and male it in 1.6 scale. Maybe even in kit form. It looks relatively simple construction - main tub + frames + tyres. Could be a nice Kickstart?

Interesting pics, thanks AdamC


Hey big D , I would love to see that in 1/6 scale also . I would get 1 probably 2 straight away. I think it is a u.L.c.v ultra light combat vehicle. On the subject of vehicles I,am not to far from finishing my 2nd 1/6 scale humvee gun truck which I am very excited to share with you guys very soon.


That one is the BC Customs SRTV - SXV. Go Truck (makers of all the Taowan) flirted with the idea of plastic based smaller light tactical vehicle some years ago but abandoned it due to the tooling costs. 1/6 vehicles are in a tough spot as they cost a small fortune to either ship as completed metal units or to tool up as plastic vehicles. The timing for the next few years is fairly terrible for such a thing given the sky high costs of sea and air freight due to 'rona profiteering from all of the logistics guys.

People balked at the $150 price point for the ZY Toy ATV when those came out and they flopped commercially. Something like this would be considerably more cost. Perhaps something for the likes of Dragon as they’ve done kit vehicles in the past, but really they seem to have very little interest in modern stuff given their core demographic. It’s a shame really as the modern smaller tactical vehicles are an interesting lot but even in 1/18 scale kickstarters haven’t had much luck. I’m hoping 1/12th scale might see development in vehicles, but you are looking at $200+ USD for smaller stuff.