Aliens 1/18 APC


Preordered back in December 2016 and finally arrived.



Looks great but three years to wait is not funny. Always liked the the look of this beast.



Long waits are a pain but the reality now that all the brick and mortar retailers in the US are dead or dying off. Something like this would have sold for considerably less and made it out to market much quicker in years past. Easy for a manufacturer when you had retailers with X00 stores and they all take 10 pieces each as you hit your factory MOQ required to bring out the product at a reasonable price quickly. Still nice that things like this get made, even if the price and wait time are not ideal.



Very cool Adam. Aliens is one of of my favorite movie and that APC looks sick.



That’s fantastic!!! What is the brand?

I still have my Halcyon 1:35 scale APC. It’s all tucked away, and half way through custom upgrades.

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Very nice vehicle of the Alien world. Do you have 1/18 figurines that go with it? (I do not know if there are any releases)



I’ve got a 1/35 version waiting on a build, myself. Some multipose USCM, too. Back “in the day”, I had given a local comic shop a bunch of back issues I didn’t want. The guy at the counter thanked me, and handed me a bag full of the Marines, and at least one Bug. He said, they had ordered them, thinking about stocking some, but changed their minds.
I miss that shop, one day I will build the stuff…(sound familiar?)

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She’s a beauty, alright.



My cellar is full of unbuild 1/35 scale Models or better Resin Figures :smile:. I am now in 1/6 scale and do not think i will return to 1/35 scale modeling.

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I have been selling my 1:35 and 1:72 scale stuff to fund the 1:6 scale and car habits. And it has been moving steadily enough to keep the military interests going.

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So far they’ve only done 1/18 versions from the Colonial Marines video game so the uniform/armor colors are quite different than the films. Waiting to see if they do the film versions later as they’ve discussed before.

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Hiya Toys. If you want one it’s one of those grab one now while you can deals. It took them years to get enough retail interest and consumer preorders to justify the production run so I’m not sure we’ll see another release.