all new 1/6 did (dragon in dreams) advanced body: slim ver

Noticed this mentioned on BBCIN. New figure version from Dragon in Dreams. I will be looking for a boxed out nude figure. Just interested to see how they compare against other brands. Images indicate a good range of movement, especially upper arms.

D80154 – DID Corp.D80154 – DID Corp.D80154 – DID Corp.

I wish they would comeback to modern figures. I have been so impressed with their WW1 & WW2 releases - figures great - packaging fantastic (large box. magnetised box lids. Large top turns into background for display - online guide "how to put figure together guide, inc tricky WW1 webbing a god send!). Alas they are 95% WW1or2. They do produce the odd modern figure, maybe one day we could get something SF


Their headsculpts are fantastic. New body looks very good.

They did some modern SF about 5 years back, they weren’t very well received.

Interesting body. Looks quite nice, and good range of movement.

I actually don’t mind the current body they use as well.