And people think they have it bad in California


There are times where I really question what gets imported here for firearms accessories…



Drum mag locked to 5 Rd? :no_mouth:


I don’t even get why they would bother importing it at that point. 5 round mag restrictions are typical for a semi auto rifle like your AR. Here is a funnier one…if you want a Scorpion Evo you get 5 rounds of 9mm. Or you can get double the amount of rounds permitted with a glock pistol which is easier to conceal and shoots the same round.



Here is the Canadian midget mag.


Oh I thought it meant blocked to 5 per purchase. New York has similar laws now. No mags over 7 rounds unless you’re law enforcement. Luckily my dad was a corrections officer so he can get the good stuff.


Are full automatic G18s actually allowed in the US or Canada?


If you are very good at fast reload there should be no problem :joy:. It looks like you have much ammo and this should intimidate the enemy hopefully :rofl:.