Another cool Canadian blaster

There’s been plenty of crack shots come out of the “Great White North”, and they can do their job with just about any rifle. Stands to reason that giving them better rifles will just up their game.

Of course, E&S, GWG, GA, or even DAM might kick out some of these in 1:6. As long as they did, why not release them with a Canadian soldier?

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That would be awesome. I’ve been trying to bash an RCMP ERT operator for a while, and would love to have authentic diemaco kit and CADPAT pattern gear.


Murakami - why not, right? I’ve been hoping for this for so long… anything from a really high-speed CANSOF operator, to a (much less high-speed) conventional soldier so I can finally make a mini-me… The way that DAM has tackled the Airborne Russian infantryman and PLA soldier gives me hope, since they have less “modern” webbing and some great kit, but we’ll see.

Spetzcollector, I can’t wait to see what you come up with re: the RCMP figure!

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