Any ideas?

Saw this operator on the news in Kabul. Trying to figure out what agency or unit he might be from. He was assisting U.S. soldiers loading evacuees onto a U.S. C-130, so almost definitely an American. The gear suggests CIA or one of our SMU’s. Thoughts?


Sorry don’t know much about real life units, but that’s an awesome picture and some cool gear.

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I’d lean more towards some state-side agency like USSS CAT, Diplomatic security or the like that uses black plate carriers. If he were Mil, PMC or OGA, I would expect a Multicam plate carrier as the majority of aftermarket parts and kit are produced in that pattern. The black PC is an odd choice, hence why I think he belongs to one of the few LEO agencies that uses them.


I read an article saying that civilian volunteers that are mainly retired and former sof operators have been going over there and conducting clandestine hostage rescues with the CIA, I can’t remember which source but it was a reputable one, you can probably google it

Could he be CIA GRS? Don’t they mostly operate as diplomatic and military close security?

Definitely possible, it’s impossible to rule it out based on lack of unit info/reference. We’ll probably never know for sure