Any item you would like to be produced in 1/6


It’s definitely odd that we haven’t had any Russian shotguns yet. You would have figured by now that the Saiga would have been done.

On that note:


I wonder why no company made a proper M4 SIR so far with all these AR15 style rifles around in this hobby. Would there be any way to kitbash one yourself?


I really want a manufacturer to produce some new H&K G3 family rifles. Additionally it would be great to see some Zastava brand AKs, maybe an M70 assault rifle or M76 sniper rifle, as Yugo/Serb type Kalashnikov derivatives are nearly ubiquitous in middle eastern conflicts currently.


It’s such an old model that I can’t see it popping up unless DAM does something in a history series. Did you ever have one of the Hot Toys ones?


Just googled that now, looks definitely better than the World Weapons SIR rifle, but both lack too many fuctions and detail for me.
Didn’t know it’s so old though.


It’s pretty big as well, like all Hot Toys weapons.


That would come really good with a Brazilian BOPE figure!


I would also like to see a tactical FAMAS & Bren done, plus SG 552 LB (up for anything from SG 550 family), Virtus Helmet & body armour (well an updated British Infantry figure from DAM would be lovely tbh, with new SA80A3 & MTP uniform). Just managed to get an SA80A3 off shapeways, so that’s one down on wish list. FAMAS in pipeline for Xmas time apparently cannot wait.


Scale really varies with HT. Some of their stuff is just right or nearly there, like their Px4 or Stoner 63. Their AR-15 derivatives are oversized. And their AK family is underscale - I have the AK with the short barrel, tan furniture, drum mag, and wire stock, as well as the AK-74 from the RE figures. Both are more like 1/7 scale, so they’ve been banished to the lower drawers of the gun towers.


Soldier Story teased one lately at the 2018 hobby expo in April.



Thanks for this info - looks fantastic, better start saving.


I would be all over some well done Cold War era wood furniture Soviet weapons like the AKM, AK-74, RPK, PKM and their variants. The AK-47 and it’s variants as well as the SVD are plentiful but except for the hard to find Red Horse AKM, everything else with wood furniture that has been done is either under scale or riddled with inaccuracies.


Saab-Bofors CBJ-MS