Are Hot Toys M4s Oversized?


I need an M4 and the opportunity to buy cheap a Hot Toys Polar Mountain Striker´s one has arised but I kind of remember having read somewhere that Hot Toys M4s are oversized.
What do you think boys? Is this true?


Yes, HT is oversized but only by a few millimeter regarding M4s. The tan lower belongs to HT. Counterpart is Soldier Story and has same dimensions as ES.

HT’s M14 is much worse.

Oversized and of poor quality compared to offerings from SS, DAM, or E&S.

Thank you very much sirs. I will search for a SS, DAM or E&S M4.

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Probably for the best. HT weapons from that era have softer details and weird sizing on components - such as the ejection port covers. I believe they also use peg-style accessories, and I don’t remember if the friction fit accessories from modern offerings fit on HT rails as-is.

Some of the MP5s that HT released with their HKPD SDU guys were nice to look at, but just really large. I believe the Glocks were over-scale, as well.

I remember when DiD tried floating a couple of carded 1:6 rifles. Their M14 EBR looked like a scifi heavy weapon, in the hands of a figure.