Are the older E&S heads compatible with the 2.0 bodies?

I’m currently in the planning stage of my next bash, and what I do know for sure is that I will be using a balaclava, so I don’t want to go all out the headsculpt. The older E&S ones seem like they would fit the bill - how well do they attach to E&S’s newer-style bodies?

Not without modification. The older head and body follow Hot Toys sizing, the slim 2.0 body uses a smaller diameter peg so they will fit loosely and not stay in place.

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Got it, thank you. I’m assuming this applies to the boots and gloved hands as well?

From memory the ankle pegs are a different diameter as well, wider on the 2.0. Wrist pegs I don’t recall being problematic to swap, at least nothing that wasn’t relatively easy to solve through shaving the peg slightly or a bit of scotch tape. I usually find with arms the wrist peg opening size can vary between samples across brands, it’s the neck pegs and ankle pegs that are an issue.

Appreciate the info, thanks!