Armed Civilian

head and body:hottoys
t shirts:damtoys
long sleeves t shirt:handmade
belt :handmade
and other loose parts.

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Nice concept! I love the shell holders, especially the one on the Benelli - very John Wick.

Nice to see a tactical civilian guise. The loadout is nicely made, reminds me of three gun competitions I’ve attended. There was a variety of carry choices among us, and the main official had some Wick-ed (lol) requirements: in at least one event - he was an area LEO, and former-SEAL (old school) - he required going prone, and rolling into a firing point.
The result was scattered magazines and shot shells, on the ground. Food for thought.

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i want to product release “shell holders”,from damtoys or easy & simple,anywhere…
this time was handmade,but it’s difficult to same shapes.:sweat_smile:

thank you for your comment,very much.
more little bit easy English,plese.
i don’t understand verry well…:sob: