Armshead & E&S 1/6 AOR2 Navy SEAL Gear Set - customised

Always felt that Armshead & E&S 1/6 AOR2 Navy SEAL Gear Set could be improved.
I ditched the multicam padded jacket with its weird colour tints in pink & yellow. Applied some watered down green/brown acrylic washes to this jacket. Had desired affect removing odd tints. Its now on a work in progress, Russian PMC figure.
I then applies the above mentioned wash (brown/green/black mix), to the gold coloured straps and edge trimmings on pouches and vest. Painted knee pads green.
Pleased with end result as wanted all webbing & straps to blend in better with the uniform. Then added various accessories from my “bits box”. Body was a cheap non brand thing purchased of internet. Head sculpt British actor from Star Wars.
Battle belt - belt from parts bin, Main section of battle belt a home made job, as are the M4 camo mag holders on belt.

Very happy with end result. Tbh never 100% sure what end result will be when applying washes, In this case I achieved the result I was aiming for.


Really nicely modified, I like it a lot more than the stock original.

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Agreed, it looks way better.

very nice… i like green uniform :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely hotter :fire:than the original. The color did look off that’s why I never bought any Armshead