There is actually one company going for a CZ Evo 3 and then it’s such a disappointment on first sight. Doens’t look like it has moving parts.

I had to Google "CZ Evo 3 " for some images. In this matte black finish, many of the features do appear static, tho the real thing is pretty smooth-surfaced, it appears. The closest image to this, was actually an airsoft gun. The head-on image (3rd) almost looks to have some better detail; the muzzle, and folding stock hinge.
Obviously, ARMSHEAD went for a cool-looking weapon, but didn’t put any emphasis on its features…if they are detailed.

Hard to make out much from the photos but it does look a bit basic. If the translation is right from the release thread it seems like it is just a resin prototype and not final. About time someone gave CZ some attention, albeit wasted on this particular figure.

They should probably let ES handle the weapon as they did with their first colaboration AES001. Let’s see how it’ll turn out with the Evo in the end.

Although, you have to consider, that the MK20 from the joint venture gear set already existed in all its parts and no new molds were required.