ARMSHEAD x Easy & Simple AES001 Navy SEALs AOR 2 Gear Set


1.战术头盔 (Tactical helmet)
2.迷彩围巾 (Scarf)
3.奇美拉排汗衣 (Chimera Sweatshirt)
4.猎狼犬棉服 (Borzoi cotton clothes)
5.短袖 (T-shirt)
6.腰带 (Belt)
7.GEN2作战裤(护膝可拆) (GEN2 combat pants) (Kneepad detachable)
8.DEFCON休闲鞋(MCTP色) (DEFCON casual shoes) (MCTP color)
9.龙蛋背包 (Dragon Egg backpack)
10.士气章 (Morale patches) *4
11.FS快拆胸挂 (FS quick release plate carrier)
12.激光切割7.62弹夹包 (7.62 mag pouch) *3
13.手雷包 (Grenade pouch)
14.震撼弹包 (Flashbang pouch) *2
15.电台包 (Radio pouch)
16.医疗包 (Medical pouch)
17.手鎗弹夹包 (Pistol mag pouch) *2
18.激光切割腰封 (Chest rig)
19.激光切割腿挂 (Drop leg platform)
20.杂物包 (Utility pouch)
21.小方包 (Admin pouch)
22.手鎗腿挂包 (Pistol drop leg holster)
24.ACOG瞄具 (ACOG sight)
25.T1侧瞄具 (T-1 angled sight)
26.狙击鎗脚架 (Bipod)
27.镭射 (PEQ-15 laser)
28.消音器 (Silencer)
29.消音器布套 (Silencer cover)
30.弹夹 (7.62mm mag) *3
32.手鎗弹夹 (Pistol mag) *2
33.手雷 (Frag grenade)
34.震撼弹 (Flashbang) *2
35.手套手型 (Gloved hands)

NICE!!! Some interesting parts for sure. If it is a correct setup i don´t know. It looks like the bright color areas are to dark. The color of the magazine pouches and shoulder straps are much brighter than the rest i think. Looks strange.I like the boots a lot and the shirts.

Nice to have a plate carrier and pouches in AOR2! But you are right: the colors look a litle bit strange.

Interesting set. I know the rifle is a popular item, they seem to limit the user to support fire/DM-type activity. These days, a second, non-handgun weapon would sweeten the deal.

I don’t grok the reasoning for camo boots having bright-white laces. I see stuff like that in occasional banzai skateboarder gear catalogues which mysteriously appear in my mail. Tactically, it seems like one more eye-drawing item.

Never been a fan of AOR2. Having said that the set looks kind of…strange. I can’t put my finger on it though.

Do like the rifle, shirts and the Multicam gear. Overall this will be a loose parts buy for me.

Interesting. I agree, the colours are a bit strange, and the black kneepads on the pants kinda limit their usefulness. It’s nice to see another laser-cut First Spear plate carrier, but in AOR2 it may not have many “accurate/real-life” uses (beyond Mexican marines, maybe). I know some in the NSW community have used sneakers like that (for VBSS? I could be wrong). Also it’s interesting to see the return of leg sub-loads/drop-down panels and holsters after they went out of vogue for a little bit. Overall it’s nice to see the return of decent-looking uniform sets.

Like that?

Yep, and I think more recently too. Also a Canadian CSOR guy is seen wearing some on instagram.

I don’t know, I’m not really liking this at all besides the awesome MK17. Looks more like a fashion series than an actual operator. Those sneakers just look silly. Maybe it’s just me…

That’s correct, they are typically seen with the SEAL community, many of whom have been into the skate/surf scene so you see them pop up in various training exercises like VBSS boardings. I get the sense that the guys at DEFCON are ex military as their collaborations with Crye and LBT are pretty zeroed in to that market.

The Armshead guys are big into airsoft so this comes across as more of a wish list of various bits and pieces of gear they like.

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At best it’s a few bits for me. Diggin the shirt, silencer shroud, and the sneakers.

The camo parts are a mess. Those pattern colours are waaaaaaayyy off. And I am moving out of UCP/ACU stuff anyway. or is that supposed to be AOR2? That’s how bad it is, I can’t tell. Is that supposed to be Multicam on that jacket?

Not feeling it.

It’s supposed to be AOR2. As for the jacket I am pretty sure that is a Helikon-tex Wolfhound which comes in “camogrom” which is meant to be a knockoff of multicam. Maybe it is the material but the pattern doesn’t come out so well.

New Information about the Price. I have found it for about 110$+shipping. Hopefully it will be aviable in loose parts too somewhere.

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Here we have the first in-hand pictures of this set…

The colors of the multicam Jacket are horrible

and the second one…

It almost seems they were aiming for something closer to Mutlicam Arid as the colors are quite a bit different than multicam and the camogrom (which is just Polish Suez multicam derivative pattern) from the Helikon-tex jacket. Could be the material and lighting as well, but it does appear a bit strange in the photos we’ve seen so far.

Does anyone have an idea which body / head is used in these promo pics? I picked up a few pieces from this set, I quite like them.

The head is from the VTS VM-022 The Darkzone Rioter Figure. I have this head and this one is really great done.

The body could be VTS/DAM to fit the head. Hope this helps.

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Ouch, that’s going to be a hard one to track down. Unsure on the body though, as the arms don’t seem to be jointed at the elbow.

Now i know the body. It is a DamToys 3.0 Muscle Body with Rubber Muscle Arms. I personally do not like these rubber arms. Too bulky for me. The body is the same like the one from the SF-002 Titans Frank Casey PMC Figur.
For me the best body with muscle arms is the soldier story version (SS097 or SS102 for example).

Here is a review of the Dam body from the Armshead Photos:

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…and it will be not cheap. Hard to find in the meantime. At the bay the is one tor about 75$! Insane price for a head. Maybe you have luck.

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