As a matter of introduction

I’ve been in the hobby since DML Nigel, but only took an real interest into modern subjects quite recently, having tried my hands at other subjects, from XIXth Century to the Cold War Era in South-East Asia and Africa in the meantime.
After a couple of Seals, I’ve moved to more original subjects, always trying to be as accurate as the scale and availability of parts allow.
I am not a prolific basher, even less so since I started my own company two years ago, and budget and time have shrunk, but I am always keen to learn and I think this is the place to come.
Eric aka The Saint

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Welcome, Eric! Good to see you here, I like your work a lot.


Hope so too. This place is growing all the time. Welcome!

Hi Eric, good to have you aboard. Totally know what you mean, especially the time factor.

Welcome to the site Eric.

Thanks for the welcome.