Assorted PMCs and Contractors

Here’s a selection of the more interesting PMC/spook images from my collection for your bashing inspiration. There’s a pretty diverse mix of anything between the typical “merc” looking types with beards and AKs, and Mad Max looking Russian types in Syria.

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I’d like to hear the story behind the guy pitching the M4 over the side of the ship…

Apparently they can use whatever weapons they like in international waters, but when they return home they have to get rid of them, and to very wealthy employers it’s easier just to buy new rifles for every group of PMCs. That’s the story at least.

That sounds about right given the troubles of certain ex service members recently…

After some research the reason is simple. This guy is an armed PMC, security member etc. and has probalby signed an anti piracy contract with the owner of the ship. If the ship is in international waters the weapons are no problem. Generic international law says that as long as the guns are locked up and kept on the boat, they are allowed.
If the ship arrives an harbor or better national waters of the destination country the local law is important if the contractor leaves the boat with his weapons. If the contract with an PMC ends they just toss the rifles overboard because its easier than the paperwork in the country to bring em back or to keep them. It is probably cheaper too because they just add the charge into the contract with the client.

Great pictures.

The one Russian dude with the Blue Nike sandals. Really dude? Sandals?

Are those upgraded Galil’s/R4 on the 4 contractors beside the armoured car? Or some AK variant I haven’t seen before?