ASTOYS AS029 P-90 submachine gun

Let’s see how they turn out. I’ve learned from the recent ZyToys AK’s to stay sceptical, till I see in hand pics. Hot Toys with their P90 will most likely still be the best choice. Although I never checked if Hot Toys’ P90 was proper scale. I heard that Hot Toys had issues regarding this.

AS(S)TOYS :rofl: Can’t get over that name!

HT P-90 from the set and the GIGN figure loose, respectively.



This is how these work.

I think the HT P90 is a bit too large.

I don’t have one, but they’ve always looked a bit rough in photos. Crooked attachments and the like.

DML is still king of the P90 as far as I’m concerned. I have seven of their standard P90s and four of their suppressed P90s.

Please help me, I only know the Very Hot and Furuta. Their is another one from DML?

EDIT: Found out already.

Someone knows what P90 has better quality?

DML 70126 Stan Scuba loose vs Very Hot Secret Service loose

I think the Very Hot one is a recast of the HT P90, so it’s probably of worse quality than the original.

I have finished taking pics of my weapons collection and am now working on an imgur album that I will be ready to share with you all very soon.

Until then, here’s a picture of my DML P90 drawer:


Do the DML ones have a working charging handle?

If no circumstances involved, could you please post a pic of the HT and DML next to each other to see the scale difference?
Would be much appreciated by me.

That’s a lot of P90’s Scrib. lol

Yes, the DML P90s have a working charging handle.

I don’t have an HT P90, so you’ll have to take my DML shilling with a grain of salt. I’m biased!

The Gemtech SP90 suppressors are not removeable and are noted for their fragility, but I am careful with mine and none have broken off.

As you noted above, the suppressed P90 came with Stan. The regular model was included in the carded Special Ops Vest Set 1 and 2.

I see, thanks. Just compared very large images of VH and HT P90. I think you are right. It’s a remold.
Maybe this ASTOYS P90 is the proper one then for me in detail and scale. Will show!

Hard to judge the quality of these from the pics provided. The flash hider looks a bit squashed, and the suppressor may need to be attached in order to hide that. Speaking of which, the suppressor looks to be a copy of the HT one, which is apparently a cheap (read: not military grade) suppressor in real life.

Yeah, almost everything from the earlier Hot Toys ran a bit on the larger scale. The Dragon ones which you have hoarded are still the best to date. I have a feeling the Astoys = Very Hot and that these are recasts of HT. Here are the other ones they announced recently.


The more I look at these P90s, the more convinced I am that they’re HT recasts with updated rails to accept accessories from modern companies.

These are worth checking out!

Nope, it’s garbage. They go for USD 17 in total on ebay. I figure they’ll fall apart as soon as you open the box. No difference to ZyToys or Comanche.