ASTOYS AS035 Overseas Mercenary Suit


  1. Head Sculpt X1
  2. Tactical chest hang X1 Head Sculpt
  3. Jeans wear X1
  4. Jeans X1
  5. Driver’s hat X1
  6. Battle speed boots X1
  7. 70s military bags X1
  8. Belt X1
  9. t-shirt X1
  10. Leg holsterX1

This product contains no prime body.

Seems like weapons are not included either!

I like bits and pieces out of this set. The jeans, shoulder bag and hat are cool, and the drop holster as well. Don’t like the jacket, and would dig the chest rig if it was done in tan or OD green, but not in black. Don’t really care for the HS either.

Casual Fridays, merc-style.

It takes a brave individual to run a full denim outfit. Jeans were a killer to run and move in when I was a paintball ref and player. I know that is not the same as actual combat. That man deserves a reward to do that.