Avon FM-12 gas mask off scale

Is DAM or SS way off with the scale? DAM is larger in total but the SS filter is wider.

Judging by reference images, I might say DAM is too large.

left men, right woman size :grin:. As they speak more, the filter is larger :upside_down_face:.


Painful to say, at this juncture I’d trust DamToys more. Still, should be able to find actual mask dimensions online for comparison.

The width (depth) of filter cans might not be as much of a factor, as that technology is pretty variable.

The most recent DAM mask offerings also are new gen, I think. Previously, masks released with figures or loose, did not seem to have high priority on details like dimensions.

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Thanks for your advice. I guess, filters are just out there in a huge variety, so no arguing about that.

However, I also found out that DAM did the FM12, with drinking tube and this tiny lever thing in the exhaler, SS did the CT12 for special forces with removed tube and this circle thing in the exhaler.

No dimensions found yet but comparing them to a DiD CT12, DAM is out of scale.