B6 CLASS Mannequin Stand

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  • [B6C-001]


  • Torso with head
  • Stand

This was probably the most rudimentary item in 1/6 that was missing for so long. Me as a consumer I am really happy about this, however retailers might be a bit annoyed with the bulky box which takes a lot of space regarding shipping!

That’s what you get.

You can insert the stick and lock it into place at two different Positions.

The result


If you leave it at all, the mannequin sits loose on the base, hence it can fall down.

I use it to display helmets with headgear like balaclava or gas mask.

Best option though to me is a whole load out.

The only gripe I have with it is that they should have extended the arms and legs to a certain degree. Would be nice to attach holsters to it (see pic above: D&K IDF Givati, it’s hanging loose) or put on a t-shirt where the sleeves are actually filled out with the upper arm!

It also exists in a light grey color, but it’s harder to get. Bought one from a Chinese seller on eBay. Never arrived :fu:


This one arrived


If only they made the packaging more sensible. These are a royal pain to ship. I ordered some from a retailer in the US and they came in a giant box. The grey was the second product run for these, and they were definitely a bit more difficult to track down as they were stocked by fewer dealers.

I agree it would be nice to see a V2 with slightly wider hips/longer leg section better accommodate holsters. I really like the look of the ones you have put together, having the helmets makes a big difference over the earlier busts from Playhouse and others. I’ve got a few in progress at the moment, finding them really handy for storing kitbashes still in progress.

Me too. And these are far cheaper than Playhouse

Also nice to display gear you don’t want to buy the whole figure for. KSM coming December hopefully!

Ordered another grey one. If it arrives this time, I will give it a short look on here to compare.

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Finally the grey version actually arrived from a mainland China seller on ebay!!!

When SS should release their KSM somewhere in 2019 :slight_smile: , I will review the gear on this one.

Second time is the charm. I actually quite liked the grey finish on these. Still hate the packaging!

Looks a bit darker than the preview pics, but still nice.

They could save at least half the size of the packaging when assembling the corpus, unfortunately.

I am thinking about adding thighs to my mannequins to attach drop leg panels e.g. Has anyone any idea on what material to use or how to start?

It seems like constructing one from spare/damaged nudes might get you what you want, hip-wise. I wonder why they don’t go with sturdy plastic bags, like COO Models does with their bodies?

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Thanks for the advise, then only paint them black.

Maybe modelling/sculpting clay or something like that, otherwise modifying a body like Murakami mentioned. The older Soldier Story photos seemed to use something of that nature.

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Also a good option. I will think abou that too.

I find packaging is usually an afterthought by many brands in China since domestic shipping there costs so little. Some products seem to suffer from the school of thought that you want the box as big as possible to fit onto a shelf and standout, which makes little sense since the vast majority of sales here and in China are online. A sensible design can be the difference between something selling at a realistic price point versus shifting into a higher bracket where the product gets ignored.

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