Back in the Hobby - Third Time

Hi everyone, very happy to be on board with this site. I have been lurking for a few months and am very impressed with the management and community here, it seems like a great home for the 1/6 hobby.

I got out of the hobby about 6 or 7 years ago, it just didn’t seem like value for money, my bits box had ballooned and I wasn’t producing figures I was happy with. I sold everything off.

I picked up the Dam Toys Syria PMC last year out of curiosity more than anything, and was pretty blown away by the improvements in almost every area since I’d stopped collecting.

I’m back into the hobby now with a new mantra, to take more time with each figure and not only chase the new shinies.

I began assembling the ES26040C this morning, and will start weathering the components soon, hope to share my work with you all :slightly_smiling_face:


Then welcome here and have fun again in the hobby. The Dam PMC Figure is really great and a good re-start. And yes, this site is a great home for this hobby.

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Welcome aboard! I also have the PMSC figure, still unboxed, though. Good choice!

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Welcome warden, I was/am exactly the same as you in out of hobby. Lurked around this site for about 2 years & joined based on same reasons as you. I have no doubt you will enjoy yourself here…welcome!

P.S I missed getting that PMC figure, regret it now, cool loadout.

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Warden, I am also new to this forum (2 week’s in) I have found that there is a great bunch of dudes here that make you feel very welcome. And I also have that dam toys Syria p.m.c figure. Being a Aussie myself I had to have that Mel Gibson head sculpt. Looking forward to seeing your work. Rock on :+1:

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Yeah Warden, it is not the old Hot Toys or Dragon figures here anymore. They have step up their game by at least 2 levels of HT…

Welcome back! You will like it here because there is no HT! LOL! Just pure modern military here.


Welcome back to the hobby Warden and welcome to the forums as well.

Welcome back Warden. The hobby is in a sorry state right now I think, with ever increasing prices and less and less companies playing in the field. I think we’ll be reduced to collecting 1/6 firearms only in the near future.

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Welcome back, mate!:partying_face:
Cheers from Sweden

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Welcome on the forum :blush: :blush:

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That surprises me. It seems like there have been a ton of good releases over the past 12 months, too many to keep up with even.

Welcome on the forum. Good to have someone more back again! :wink:

Welcome back.

Were you on OSW before? The user name sounds familiar to me.

Man, I hope your prophecy won’t come true, I’m definitely a collector of figures, loose weapons alone hold no charm for me. I guess I’ll just have to suffer the ever increasing prices on figures, grin and bear it…