Battle Belt Question

Hey guys so during my research while working on my French GCP kitbash I obtained the belt included with the Easy Simple SMU XI Quick Reaction Force figures(pictured below) now the parts list lists this belt as “Heavy Duty Molle Cobra belt” and I have tried to find the real life counterpart to this belt with no luck. Is this belt an actual product or a work of fiction? Thanks!


Hi, try this one: HELIKON-TEX Cobra FC45 Tactical Belt


I know most modern battle belts look just like this (HSGI Cobra, etc) but I think the Senshi is the only one with that black/camo pattern.

Having the black webbing on top of what looks to be multicam may be hard to find but these types of belts are very much real. The one image I attached is of course a different color with minor detail differences but has the webbing and the cobra buckle.